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  • Outstandingly British Eyewear


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Feel The Burn Collection

Our latest collection has been designed to suit the needs of athletes and sports enthusiasts that love to push themselves. 

When pushing yourself to the limit you will need gear that can keep up with the strenuous lengths you will go to. Each model included in this collection can withstand the harshest of conditions and the most grueling of activities.

Our 'Feel the Burn' collection brings together the most intense parts of cycling, running and Triathlons. Understanding the amount of strain athletes put themselves under whilst taking part in these sports has helped us create a collection that will cater to the endurance side of the sports.

Each model selected in this collection will endure as well as the wearer themselves. Choose from a selection of lightweight and durable sunglasses that will allow the wearer absolute comfort. Models chosen will suit all three of the sports listed  and enable the wearer to improve their performance whilst providing the perfect amount of protection.

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