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    Best of British

  • Clubhouse Style

    Stylish eyewear that can be worn in and out of the clubhouse

  • Hastings Collection

    Lightweight frame, panoramic view

  • Feel the Burn

    High performance and lightweight running eyewear

Made in Britian Eyewear

Sunwise® is the only eyewear brand in the world that can offer you Made in Britain sunglasses. Featuring the latest in eyewear innovation our Chromafusion® and Polafusion® models are a must have for all sporting and leisure activities.

Our Chromafusion® 2.0 sunglasses are certified Made in Britain, these light reacting sunglasses are ideal for all conditions and will provide the perfect amount of protection all day long.

Our Polafusion® sunglasses offer the wearer an unimpeded view of their surroundings. They help eliminate glare and provide superior visual clarity in all environments. Ideal for all occasions.


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About Sunwise®

Sunwise® was founded in 1996 after high demand for affordable performance sports eyewear. Located in the university city of Oxford, Sunwise is a proud British brand.


Timeless classics, contemporary designs and everything in between to suit your sense of style. Find yourself a stylish pair of sunglasses that meet all your needs.

In the Press

Since the beginning Sunwise® has received overwhelming support from the press. Reviews, product features and editorials can be found in a wide variety of publications.