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Sports Sunglasses

Whatever you do, do it with Sunwise

Suitable for any sport, the Sunwise® range was created in the 1990’s, in Oxford, as a response to demand for superior quality, British-designed and affordable sports sunglasses and sports performance eyewear. 

Leading sports media brands, journalists, professionals, and amateurs wear Sunwise® sports sunglasses, giving them a visible advantage when competing, in any weather, protecting cyclists, runners, surfers, drivers, walkers, cricket players and dozens of men and women who are serious about their sport.

Made in Britain Eyewear

Sunwise® is the only eyewear brand in the world that can offer you Made in Britain sunglasses. Featuring the latest in eyewear innovation our Chromafusion® and Polafusion® models are a must have for all sporting and leisure activities.

Our Chromafusion® 2.0 sunglasses are certified Made in Britain, these light reacting sunglasses are ideal for all conditions and will provide the perfect amount of protection all day long.

Our Polafusion® sunglasses offer the wearer an unimpeded view of their surroundings. They help eliminate glare and provide superior visual clarity in all environments. Ideal for all occasions.

Why consumers have been choosing Sunwise since 1996

Unique Lens Technology

No need to change lenses, especially if you are active from dawn until dusk, with the Sunwise® light-reacting (photochromic) lenses, found within the Chromafusion® 2.0 collection. Ideal for walking, fishing, skiing, kayaking, windsurfing, fishing, snowboarding hiking, mountaineering, biking, cycling, and anyone who's enjoying their sport over long periods and in places where the weather is changeable, like most places in the UK.

Our innovative lens technology and form-fitting wrap-around sports sunglasses ensure full eye protection, blocking 100% of UVA & UVB rays 100% of the time. Perfect for changing environments and conditions when you need all of the protection you can get, to ensure you can see perfectly, no matter the weather or how bright and changeable the conditions. Don't let your sunglasses prevent you from training and performing to the best of your abilities.

Glare Resistant Sports Sunglasses

Affordable and glare resistant, our Polafusion® range offers a unique polarised performance lens system that is impact resistant and reduces the damage to eyes from intense colour contrasts.

Designed for sports and outdoor activities for both men and women when the wearer could be doing anything from fly fishing to kayaking and motor racing. Athletes, cricket players, triathlon competitors and golfers need sports eyewear to give them the protection and concentration they need that doesn't result in the weather impeding performance or safety.

Dozens of Colours & Frame Designs

The Sunwise® ranges are built to last, with an affordable price tag. Customers consistently benefit from our advanced technology, including a highly effective anti-fog lens, suitable for the most intense conditions. Uncompromising vision quality, for every sporting occasion and environment. Our handcrafted, lightweight frames are strong, secure and durable, designed for comfort and high-velocity impact sports, in any environment, from fields to extreme conditions.

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About Sunwise®

Sunwise® was founded in 1996 after high demand for affordable performance sports eyewear. Located in the university city of Oxford, Sunwise is a proud British brand.


Timeless classics, contemporary designs and everything in between to suit your sense of style. Find yourself a stylish pair of sunglasses that meet all your needs.

In the Press

Since the beginning Sunwise® has received overwhelming support from the press. Reviews, product features and editorials can be found in a wide variety of publications.

What you should look for in sports sunglasses

If you're looking sports sunglasses you can rely on, the most important criteria is clear vision, wrap around design, robust materials, UV protection, and a comfortable fit.

Sunwise®: Outstandingly British Eyewear. Find a stockist online today, or buy directly from our extensive range of sunglasses for every sport. From archery to windsurfing, the Sunwise® range offers the finest quality, combined with high levels of durability and resilience, perfect for any sport and weather conditions.

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