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Summer Thrills Collection

Get the look you want this summer with our Summer Thrills collection. Whether you are looking for high performance sunglasses that work well under the summer sun or wish to get a stylish look perfect for going away there will be a pair for you in this collection.

Filled with a wide range of models there is certainly a pair for everyone. Eliminate glare for an extremely clear view with our Polafusion® models. Perfect for summer, they suit both high performance sports and those long summer drives.

Our Chromafusion® models will provide you with the perfect level of protection all day long, ideal for taking part or spectating sports that last long durations such as cricket and tennis.

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Team Sunwise®

For nearly 20 years Sunwise® has been supporting a wide range of ambassadors in their field. Team Sunwise consists of prestigious organisations as well as up and coming athletes.

About Sunwise

Sunwise® was founded in 1996 after high demand for affordable performance sports eyewear. Located in the university city of Oxford, Sunwise is a proud British brand.

In The Press

Since the beginning Sunwise® has received overwhelming support from the press. Reviews, product features and editorials can be found in a wide variety of publications.