Sunwise RX

Sunwise® prescription range offering an outstanding range of sunglasses with prescription lenses.

Created with Shamir lenses the innovative performance eyewear is tailored to individual prescription needs.

Sunwise RX® offers a bespoke, seamless and affordable service for prescription sunglasses.

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Industry leaders Shamir develop Sunwise RX® prescription lenses using the latest in eyewear technology to provide the very best in optical performance for all sports and outdoor pursuits.

Designed specifically for sport wraparound frames, each lens is created to ensure optimum lens performance and provide the most accurate, widest fields of view possible.

Each lens is created for the Sunwise RX prescription range to ensure outstanding optical clarity in personalised orders according to individual requirements.


The starting point for every pair of Sunwise RX® sunglasses is Eye-Point Technology®, the software behind the designs that allows Shamir to ReCreate Perfect Vision® for adults with prescription lens needs.

The patented lens design software simulates the way the human eye sees at every angle of vision in every optical zone to predict how an image will be perceived by the brain.

Forming the design basis for all Sunwise RX® lenses the technology calculates the optical performance of thousands of locations covering the lens surface. Eye-Point Technology® enables the development and production of sophisticated, tailor-made progressive lenses to achieve the most precise optical measurements.




As protection is key all Sunwise RX® lenses undergo stringent impact resistant testing to ensure protection against high-mass and high-velocity impact.

Each Sunwise RX® lens is subject to multiple impact resistant tests.

Sunwise RX® go the extra mile in safety, always built with quality in mind and always innovating to deliver the best sports performance eyewear.


Sunwise RX® Platinum tinted coatings provide added protection against glare which strains the eyes and quickly causes fatigue. Developed to optimise visual quality, supreme protection and add comfort to your sight.

For cyclists this provides greater sight on the road, cracks and potholes can be avoided and rides feel more relaxed in the sun. Golfers can enjoy long days in the sun and our tints improve your sight of the ball.

Platinum tints also provide maximum protection and comfort when out on snow and water.


The invisible radiation can attack our retinas at 186,000 miles per second so tackling UV rays is a priority for Sunwise RX®.

All Sunwise RX® lenses have been carefully developed using quality materials to stop all UVA and UVB rays. Even Sunwise RX® clear lenses will filter out 100% of all UV rays.

Sunwise RX® offers a seamless and affordable sports prescription service for opticians. Please visit our opticians stockists list to find your local stockist or contact

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