The Great British Winter

The Great British Winter collection features our most innovative and durable sunglasses to meet the needs of all athletes and sports enthusiasts this winter season. This collection features sunglasses that are ideal for the darker and colder climates you will be facing. This collection includes our Chromafusion® 2.0 models that will give the wearer the perfect amount of coverage no matter the conditions. It also features some of our Interchangeable sunglasses, allowing the wearer to change the lenses on the fly to match the conditions they are facing.

Not only can athletes and sports enthusiasts enjoy winter ready sunglasses, they can also make their existing pair adapt to the winter environments by upgrading their lenses. we have a wide range of lenses for a variety of our best-selling models that consumers just do not take advantage of. Keep your old frames but upgrade to our new Chromafusion® lenses to make your sunglasses wearable all year round, or upgrade your normal polycarbonate lenses to ones that better suit your style with our array of platinum coatings.

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